Our tagline LET IT SHINE really says it: We love the sun - and with shade, sunscreen and cooling sun hacks, long days on the beach can be the best thing for the soul. Read on and get 12 sun tips for kids making the beach or pool outings a breeze.

There is nothing better than when the sun calls for outdoor activities with the kids. However, it is important to keep the kids hydrated, cooled-down and to protect their skin when it is exposed to the harsh and warm sun rays for longer periods at a time.


Children have delicate and more sensitive skin than adults, why they get more easily sunburned. When you are sunburned as a child the risk of getting skin cancer later in life increases. As such, it is important to develop good sun habits early in life.


We have compiled a list of some of our best sun hacks for you and the kids that we hope will inspire you to pack the big cooler bag and enjoy the sun with your family.

/ Apply sunscreen before going to the beach

When you hit the beach, the kids’ happiness and enthusiasm for tumbling into the sand or running into the water right away can be difficult to stop for the sake of applying sunscreen. And sand combined with sunscreen is a scenario that is just too much to handle. As such, it is a good idea to apply sunscreen before leaving for the beach. Let the sunscreen dry on the skin before getting dressed. In that way, you can prevent that much of the sunscreen wears off on the clothes instead of staying on the skin where it serves its purpose.

/ Set an SPF-alarm

We know that you sometimes have to be very patient when it comes to applying sunscreen on the kids, but if you are going out in the sun there is no other option. Sunscreen has to be applied frequently throughout the day. However, when you are playing games in the sand and swimming in the ocean, time flies, and you can easily forget all about reapplying sunscreen. Set an alarm on your phone, so you know when it is time to reapply sunscreen on the kids and yourself. Karmameju SUN is based on naturally derived UV filters that offer protection immediately after application. Make sure to cover exposed areas such as ears and neck.

/ Shadow time = cosy time

Limit the hours spent in the sun. Go to the beach or the pool in the morning, or later in the afternoon, and stay out of the sun between 12-3 pm, when the sun is strongest. Eat lunch or take a nap in the shadow, do some fun indoor activities or move into the shadow of a tree with a puzzle or a book, so that you take a break from the sun.

/ Make shadow from the sun

Create areas with shadow in which your kids can play. Make sure that the sandpit in the garden is in shadow. Bring a beach umbrella or shadow tent to the beach under which the kids can play or lay out a play rug in the shadow of a tree, or an umbrella. Especially babies should not be exposed to the sun.

/ Remember the sunhat

To keep the kids’ sensitive skin protected against the sun should be first priority. Choose a hat with a big shadow that not only protect the child’s face but also ears and neck. Sunhats with SPF classification offers extra protection.

/ Cover your skin with clothes

Light and airy clothes are a great way to protect children’s skin from getting sunburned – also when in the water where the kids can easily swim and play while wearing a light t-shirt. Alternatively, there is a large selection of UV swimwear that covers most of the child’s skin and protects it from the sun.

/ Hydrating snacks

Hydrated skin and body are better at tolerating the sun but it can be difficult to keep the kids well-hydrated throughout the day. Serve water-rich snacks such as watermelon, cucumber or grapes (cut in half) that can help maintain optimal hydration. Freeze the grapes the day before so that they can help to cool down the kids’ warm bodies.

/ Water, water, and more water

To be hydrated is important for a long day in the sun. It requires a big cooler bag and a few smart tricks. To bring as much cold water as possible, pack a reusable water bottle for every family member containing a lot of ice. Also, pack a couple of extra frozen water bottles in the cooler bag that can function as cooling elements as well as be used to refill the reusable bottles when the ice begins to melt. Set an alarm on your phone to remind yourself when it is time for you and the kids to drink water.

/ Cooling cloths in the cooler bag

While you are packing the cooler bag, add a few moist cloths in a waterproof bag. They can be used to wash dirty hands and faces but can also be used to cool down babies and children when necessary.

/ Cool down your sunscreen

Put your sunscreen in the cooler bag to keep it cold. When it is time to apply sunscreen, it helps cool down the skin and body temperature. When using sunscreen with mineral sun filter, this can make the product a little more difficult to apply. It can take a couple of extra minutes for the warm skin to help the product ‘melt’.

/ Cooling water spray

Sometimes the shadow is not enough to prevent that babies and small children gets overheated. Use a small spray bottle with a diffuser head, e.g. an empty Karmameju face mist, filled with ice water to spray on the babies frequently when they look or feel too warm.

/ Extra suncare

Use soothing and moisturising suncare in addition to the important UV protection so the skin gets the best conditions for protecting itself against the sun. Karmameju’s PRE- & AFTER SUN helps strengthen the skin before and after sun exposure.


If you feel like sharing your Karmameju SUN experience or have some great tips that you would like to share with us, use the hashtag #KarmamejuSUN when posting on Instagram. We look forward to seeing postcards and pictures from your day in the sun.