You probably know the uplifted, energetic feeling that buzzes through your whole body after a walk in the fresh air, in the damp forest or by the sea. Not visible to the naked eye, but the air in nature is loaded with vitamins...


These are called negative ions and are often found in nature where water evaporates, for example by the sea, in forests and by lakes. In addition to negative ions being great for the mind, studies show they are great for the body: They accelerate the transport of oxygen to our cells and body tissues. They act as a powerful antioxidant as they neutralize free radicals. They enable the lymph glands to detoxify the blood. They increase the skin's resilience and much more.

All these benefits for body, mind and skin you can easily access from home in the bathroom with our iconic ionic RECHARGE dry brush, which forms negative ions directly on the skin through natural friction.

Positive ions vs. negative ions

Positive ions have the opposite effect of negative ions. Especially in large cities with pollution, but also electronics from computer screens, TV screens, mobile phones and WiFi is daily exposing the body to positive ions and thus free radicals, which cause oxidative stress, inflammation and break down cells and tissues in the body and on the skin, which accelerate premature aging. In short: Positive ions are negative news for the body and skin and steal our energy.

Negative ions, on the other hand, act as a defense against positive ions, as they help to neutralize the free radicals by boosting them with extra electrons. In other words: Negative ions act as a protective shield around the body.

Brush yourself to negative ions with Karmameju's RECHARGE dry brush, which creates negative ions on the skin through natural friction. Imagine going for a walk by the sea or in the forest. The same feeling of well-being and increased energy is what dry brushing with RECHARGE gives you.


Benefits of ionic dry brushing

combats dry skin on the body
removes dead skin cells
detoxifies the lymphatic system
stimulates the connective tissue
increases the skin's resistance
increases energy levels
creates balance and well-being in the body


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