The day i fell in love with aromatherapy

The door to the little shop in the narrow London street creaked gently as I opened it, and I was swallowed up by a world of fragrance, nature and memories.

I was 18 years old and had been travelling for a couple of years as a model at that time. The hour that I spent in the store, my nose breathing in the scent of jasmine, labdanum, vetiver, lavender, rosemary, rose, eucalyptus and many other fragrances, changed the way I travelled and lived in the years to follow

– and perhaps explains why I work with aromatherapy today. 

The sense of smell is special because the nerves in the nose are directly connected to a primitive area of the brain known as the limbic system which controls basic emotions such as anxiety, sex drive and hunger as well as memory. This is probably why smells often trigger memories and strong emotions to a greater degree than other sensory impressions. *Source, Science Illustrated

Conscious smelling

The sense of smell is unique to humans and animals. It has a far greater effect on us than many people realise, and it is something we can train ourselves to use more actively. For example, by making sure that it smells nice in our homes, at work and wherever else we happen to be.

Around 25% of the stimulant effect of coffee is said to come from its aroma, so we really can smell our way to energy and positivity, calm and focus.

If I’m near Karmameju products, at a market selling warm, fragrant tomatoes, by the salty sea or holding a newborn baby, I inhale deeply.

I can feel my mood change with the help of the fragrances, and I also suspect that our mood changes when we actively do something to put us in a better mood.

Everyday aromatherapy with body oils

If I’m feeling a little sad one day, I get out my HOPE body oil 01 and massage it on my neck, chest, hands and arms. I dot it under my nose and on my temples – and take deep inhalations from my palms.

If I’m feeling tired and listless, it’s WILD body oil 03 or one of the other 03 products I reach for. And if my head is whirring and my body is buzzing or I just want to wind down and need help to fall asleep, then it’s MILD body oil 02 or other products in the 02 range that calm me down.

Breathing is an essential part of aromatherapy. Take 5–6 deep breaths deep into your lungs every time you apply Karmameju’s skincare products to achieve the optimal therapeutic effect.

Aromatherapy at the washbasin

Every time I’m in the vicinity of a washbasin in the bathroom or the sink in the kitchen, I grab 30 seconds to take deep inhalations of Karmameju’s fragrant hand wash and then hand lotion on my hands. This is a mini hand ritual which both has an aromatherapeutic effect and sends a signal to my brain that I have plenty of time – that I am making time!

So, even if it’s a bit of a cliché, do stop and smell the roses!

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