Aromatherapy in Karmameju Skincare

We love fragrance, and that’s why Karmameju Skincare is an aromatherapeutic skincare range. For us, the choice between synthetic fragrances and natural fragrances is simple. We choose dynamic, natural fragrances for our skincare – an exquisite choice over inactive, synthetic fragrance molecules manufactured in a laboratory.

We trust nature and wish to pass on the many benefits offered by natural fragrances to you. We describe below why aromatherapy is so efficient and about the effect it has on us as humans.

Our fragrances are blended in synergy, where the different aromas enhance one another to create a unique combined effect. Each fragrance is based on the traditional art of perfumery blended with base, middle and top notes. The combinations make for a deep, intoxicating and complete fragrance experience. The scents you enjoy in Karmameju’s skincare range are always 100% natural with holistic and natural benefits. The fragrances are created with the greatest of expertise, by our award-winning English and Italian perfumers.

Stimulate the skin for better circulation, glow, regeneration and balance as well as reduced redness and sensitivity. Push your mind in the direction you wish; whether it’s towards calm, relaxation, focus, energy, sensuality, joy or positivity.

Use aromatherapy as part of your skincare rituals, as a time-out from your busy everyday life and let it be part of the important self-care we all deserve and need.

Aromatherapy is absorbed by the skin via our sense of smell

Aromatherapy is an essential and important part of Karmameju’s DNA. We work with aromatherapy because the exquisite, exclusive scents have a unique and holistic effect that both affects our mental well-being and improves the condition of the skin.

Essential oils are the foundation of aromatherapy. The oils are extremely efficient and incredibly concentrated with a highly complex chemistry as each oil consists of hundreds of unique compounds.

Thanks to the minuscule molecular size, the stimulating aromatherapy is absorbed through the skin. This way, the skin uses nature’s potent plant extracts that help promote balance, harmony and regeneration. Aromatherapy also works through the sense of smell*, where deep inhalation from the palms of the hands, for example, transmits the fragrances to the nerve cells in the nose. These carry the fragrances to the cerebral cortex from here they reach the limbic system, which controls emotions and memory. If you are feeling sad, for example, the mood can be lifted using potent aromatherapy.

*always remember to inhale your aromatherapy products when applying them

Natural fragrances - Always

We only ever use pure, natural fragrances in our skincare – never synthetic. Our essential oils are of the highest quality. They are the pure essences found in flowers, berries, grass, roots, seeds, bark, fruit and herbs. Essential oils are extracted by steam distillation or CO2 extraction. They are 100% natural and each have their own unique therapeutic and aromatic properties.

In the world of medicine, essential oils have been used for centuries to kill bacteria, fungi and viruses. They stimulate the nerves and aid tissue repair. They promote harmony and balance and can create a particular feeling or mood. The oils can affect our state of mind as they can make us more positive, relaxed, energetic, focused and much more besides.

Precious drops

Aromatherapy is an exclusive choice, and very few skincare brands entirely use essential oils in their fragrances. Some only use synthetic fragrances – others a blend of natural and synthetic.

If you take a closer look at a Karmameju product, approximately 300 roses are, for example, used to create the scent of roses in one 200 ml Karmameju HOPE body oil 01 bottle. Not only is the scent heavenly, but the concentrated and exclusive rose oil contains protective antioxidants and has a rejuvenating and regenerative effect on the skin. The aromatherapy fragrance has an uplifting, sensual effect on the mind and will promote positive thoughts.

Essential oils in Karmameju Aromatherapy

Our dedication to the use of pure therapeutic essential oils is driven by our desire to create exceptional, effective products for specific needs. With this in mind, we have developed our three aromatherapy groups for the body: VITALIZE 01, NURTURE 02 and ENERGIZE 03. Our 3 facial ranges also contain the precious aromatherapy, but here the most important thing is to choose products based on your skin type and skin condition.

The numbers 01, 02 & 03 are clearly indicated on Karmameju’s products.

The three aromatherapy groups each have their physical and emotional focus, and each product in the range concerned has its own unique, precious fragrance combination with characteristic properties.

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