If I were to pack my toiletry bag for a ski holiday, or a winter getaway to the Scandinavian country side, there are 5 particular skincare products on top of my list.

The skin on your face is put to the test when you’re enjoying your holiday amongst snow-capped mountain peaks. 

The skin has naturally occurring oils which form a protective barrier on the surface, making it almost 100% waterproof and protective against the environment around you. But the wind, cold air and low humidity we experience in winter weather can weaken the effect of the barrier. It allows moisture to evaporate from the skin – leaving it dehydrated, stressed and susceptible to frostnip.


My TOP 5 skin saviors before, during and après-ski… or the ice cold walk. 

Face oil

Use face oil as protection, that goes for oily skin, too. Face oils have a softening, moisturising and protective effect that help make the skin more resistant to the multiple drying elements of cold weather. The precious oils preserve the skin’s natural barrier, prevent dehydration and frotnip and protect the outer blood vessels.

HOW TO USE: You can put 1-3 drops of oil in your face cream, or massage the oil on top of your face cream, as the outer layer in your skincare regime. If you have oily-prone skin, a single drop should do it, if you have dry skin, three drops should be fitting. 


CALM balm or YIN lip balm

In extreme weather, such as a cold headwind when you’re out for a walk or on a skiing holiday, we recommend all skin types to supplement the basic skincare with face oils, balms and lip care to prevent dryness and irritation, and to protect against the cold, weather and wind.  Karmameju’s CALM balm is the ideal barrier cream/cold cream/lipid balm to apply to your own and your children’s cheeks in the winter.

Comes in a 20 ml pocket size – perfect for travelling.

HOW TO USE: Melt the balm in the palms of your hands. Apply to lips, cheeks, forehead, nose and chin – or simply the areas you feel need the extra protection during the day. A good evening tip is to use CALM balm as a moisturising treatment for face, hands and feet at night to help the skin regenerate.

For the lips, we recommend YIN lip balm as your daily moisture fix for the lips with a long-term retention effect that keeps the lips protected and soft.

YIN maintains the active ingredients on the lips, providing care for hours. A lip balm without ingredients that create the thirsty need for more and more.

SUN BB cream SPF 30

The warm sun in your face, blue skies and the beautiful snow-covered landscapes can make you forget time - a wonderful break for the mind but not for the skin. Protect your skin from the sun above but also the reflections of the sun in the white snow. Look glowy and great in the mountains, the alps and by the Danish coast, with BB cream spf 30. Choose between our scale of 3 colours. 

HOW TO USE: Mineral sun filters protect the skin like a shield. Use our BB cream with mineral sun filters as the last step in your skincare regime. Our BB cream doubles as a face cream, use it as that, or on top of your preferred face cream or/and face oil. Reapply during the day for optimal protection.

MUSE cleansing balm

The skin can get dehydrated and is more likely to become irritated in cold weather, so it’s a good idea to support the skin barrier by changing from a foaming, astringent cleansing gel to a softer, gentle cleanser – MUSE is not just that, it’s also an enchanting aromatherapeutic experience.

MUSE is my favourite cleansing product and the best cleansing balm I’ve ever tried. 

HOW TO USE: Warm up MUSE between your hands. Inhale the floral aromas, and let the scent take you on a journey to paradise. Melt it and massage it on dry skin. Take your time. Watch the oil turn into milk when cleansed off with damp water. Use a soft cloth to cleanse thoroughly. 


HERO pH solution

Just as we have gut flora that needs good care, the skin has skin flora that needs our understanding and attention. Along with the skin’s natural oils, sweat, and bacteria, the skin flora is a fantastic barrier that protects against dehydration, irritation and infection. Try to avoid the warm water on your face when showering, and use HERO to stabilise the skin’s pH and barrier after showering.

HOW TO USE: Use HERO on dry or damp skin, after contact with water, as the first product you apply to your skin after cleansing or showering. HERO is your step zero – for your face and body. Comes in a travel-friendly 50 ml size, perfect for the toiletry bag.


- MUSE cleansing balm 

- HERO ph solution 

-  FACE OIL -for your skin type

- CALM balm 



- MUSE cleansing balm 

- HERO ph solution 

- FACE CREAM -for your skin type

- FACE OIL -for your skin type

- CALM balm