Naturally derived mineral sun filters

In Karmameju SUN we use physical, mineral sun filters. Our approach to natural skincare means that the mineral sun filters are the only right choice for our products.

Mineral sun filters are also referred to as
/ Natural sun filters
/ Physical sun filters
/ Mineral sun filters

Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide are examples of physical sun filters which are naturally derived minerals, extracted from the soil. In Karmameju SUN we use the mineral Titanium Dioxide.

Physical sun filters offer protection against UV rays by settling on the surface of the skin and deflect the UV rays. They form a natural, physical barrier between the skin and the sun.

The many advantages of physical, mineral sun filters

/ Mineral sun filters work as soon as applied

/ Mineral sun filters do not clog the pores

/ Mineral sun filters are allergen-free

/ Mineral sun filters are recommended for children

/ Mineral sun filters are naturally derived sun protection

      The difference between physical, chemical and nano sun filters

      There are two other types of sun filters that skincare manufacturers can use in the formulation of sun protection. Chemical sun filters and nanoparticle sun filters. These are not used in Karmameju SUN. You can read about the differences between the three types of sun filters here.

      The prerequisite for launching Karmameju SUN

      Sunscreen with physical sun filters is known to be difficult to apply and leave the skin with a white residue. To avoid this was a prerequisite for launching Karmameju SUN.

      In collaboration with our award-winning, organic agriculture and laboratory in Southern Italy, we have worked for several years towards overcoming this challenge. The goal was to create UV protection using mineral filters that would be sheer in appearance and a sheer pleasure to apply.

      The formulation of organic ingredients in Karmameju SUN offers a broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection. It is pure, natural, and active skincare and suncare in one. Karmameju SUN stimulates and nourishes, is infused with a beautiful aroma that captures the feeling of Mediterranean summer and leave the skin moisturised and ready for sun exposure.




      Tested by two independent European laboratories

      Sunscreens are functional products with an important responsibility to protect against UV radiation. As such, Karmameju’s suncare range has been SPF and UVA/UVB tested at not only one, as required by law, but at two independent European laboratories - for the sake of Karmameju’s definite confirmation and safety, and the safety of our customers.


      Get the best experience with mineral sun filters

      Nourished skin will get the most out of skincare products in general, as it is more difficult for a skin with a dry and rough surface to absorb nourishing and stimulating ingredients from the skincare that is applied. As such, we recommend that the skin is exfoliated or dry brushed frequently before sun exposure. We also recommend to moisturise the skin with Karmameju PRE- & AFTER SUN before applying Karmameju’s sun-protecting products. Hydrated skin offers optimal application of physical, mineral sun filters.