20 minutes foot bath ritual

A recipe for warm feet, body and soul.

Prepare your space with comforting essentials; soft pillows, blanket, warm spicy tea, candles and tune in to a playlist from ´Karmameju Skincare’ on Spotify. 

Fill a bowl with hot water and ad your preferred aromatherapeutic body wash; QUEEN for love, PROTECT for calm or BLAST for energy. Stir the water to create foam. Inhale deeply to benefit from the therapeutic fragrances.

Set an intention for the next 20 minutes. Find a word or a sentence that describe something positive that you wish to have as a focus in your life. Write it down. 

Dry brush with BUFF or RECHARGE body brush to get the blood flowing in legs and feet.

Soak your feet for 5 min. whilst brushing the palms of your hands.

Roll tension releasing BLAZE power potion on muscles that need relief. 

Connect with your face with a slow and nurturing 3 minutes face massage. Use your preferred Karmameju face oil. You can’t do it wrong, just feel your way over the skin and pay extra attention to sore muscles and tension.

Repeat the word you set as an intention, whilst massaging, or do a Stress releasing breathing exercise: 


Do a stress releasing breathing exercise

Deeply breathe in through the nose while you count to 4, hold your breath on a count to 4, then slowly breathe out through the mouth on a count to 4. Repeat 4 times to help release tension in the nervous system.


Take your feet out of the water and scrub them lovingly with your favorite Karmameju salt scrub. Once you are done, put your feet back in the water for a few minutes, whilst doing nothing. Just sit in stillness, maybe close your eyes.

Dry your feet thoroughly, rub away dry skin with a towel.

Now warm our herbaceous and warming BOOST balm between your hands and give yourself a stimulating foot and leg massage. Make sure to breathe in the cleansing, clarifying aromatherapy.

End the ritual in a pair of soft COZY socks and with your feet up, maybe for a quiet read or a regenerative nap.

What you need*

      & the Spotify music app

      * All products are only a recommendation. Other similar products or products more suited for your skin can be used instead.