It’s hard to avoid seeing the face of Hanni Gohr when you get hit by Karmameju’s images - whether it’s on a sign in the airport or on our Instagram. 

A longtime model, she has traveled the world, which has resulted in Hanni becoming a self-proclaimed skincare nerd (we can confirm she knows what she's talking about!). 

If you take a look at her Instagram, you also can't avoid seeing a visual, creative person who moves in a spectrum of fashion, art (Hanni makes her own collages), interiors, funky styling and an everyday life that offers both cozy summer house living and a colorful city life. Hanni is a muse we get inspired by. Now, you can get to know “The face of Karmameju” in this interview - and last but not least, get her very best skincare rituals.



Tell us about yourself and your everyday life… 

My everyday life varies! There are plenty of days when I am working from home on my collages but also a lot of days on the computer and on the phone - mostly in connection with social media. And then there are days when I am on shootings. A so-called “one-woman business”. I am so happy having agents and a boyfriend I can spar with - because that I need.

The whole summer has been spent on Møn (an island on the East Coast of Zealand, Denmark), where we have refurbished our summer house. And we are still not finished. We have done most of it ourselves, and it has been exhausting at times, but the thought of having this little gem surrounded by nature, the ocean and tranquility, where we can retreat whenever we want, get dirt under our nails and dream about little DIY projects is truly a pinch-me moment. I have always had a huge urge to do things with my hands. Whenever my hands are working, the creative flow in my brain is connected, and I feel a union I cannot get in other ways. It unlocks amazing inner processes in me.

 What does your morning ritual look like? 

I love mornings and to wake up early. The best part of summer mornings is when I wake up with the sun, otherwise, I set my alarm clock to have time before I must go out of the door. There’s a quietness in the mornings which I have a huge need to prioritise. Time stands still in the morning - in all other times of the day, everything moves so fast.

I always make a huge pot of green tea which I drink before doing anything. I work out as many times a week as I can. I vary between hot yoga, running classes and reformer. My body loves me when I train my flexibility and muscles. 

What does your skincare routine look like?

In general, everything that optimises the skin’s moisture levels and seals it, really. Moisture is essential for me. Therefore, always a mild cleanse, and always double cleansing in the summer due to sunscreen and otherwise as needed throughout the seasons.

A face spray is the first thing. I use KISS face mist which soothes my sensitive skin and hydrates with Hyaluronic acid - probably my favourite ingredient in skincare. Which is why it is no surprise that I always use a serum with Hyaluronic acid. Sera are also the products I would never be without in my routine. Hyaluronic acid needs to be sealed with a cream or oil on top. So, I look at my skin and consider whether I need a cream, oil, or a mix. During winter, it is generally a mix. In the daytime, I add a Vitamin C serum, CLEAR face serum, because it protects against free radicals which are produced when we, for example, are exposed to ultraviolet light from the sun and pollution, Plus, Vitamin C also has a positive effect on my sun damages.

What is your best beauty tip? 

I have many, but discovering mild fruit acid peels has done wonders to my sun damage. I know that I will probably be living with them for the rest of my life, but adding fruit acid has erased them a lot. In addition, the skin becomes beautiful, glowy and with smaller pores. Speaking of sun damage: Always use sunscreen. I make sure to do so all year.

When do you feel most comfortable?

I know we're heading into fall, but I'm at my best when it is warm summer days, the days are long and bright, and the ocean is a dip away. It's therapeutic for me. 

What do you get inspired by?

I circle in a creative industry, so I especially love it when we move into the world of art and interior design. Yes, I do love being surrounded by beautiful and fun things - elements that tell a story. Some of my biggest inspirations are my travels where everything is new and exciting: Where an ordinary home becomes exotic, where the food is eaten with the eyes first and the stomach second, where every corner is pure excitement.

Is there anything you dream about? 

I still dream about writing this children’s book, or actually, creating the visuals with my collages. It is a dream I have had for many years, and it still lives inside me, but I am afraid of taking the plunge - maybe because I am not quite ready yet, but one day it will come out.

 When do you feel most healthy?

Physically, I feel healthy most of the time, but definitely, when I work out often, I feel my strongest and healthiest. I feel that I treat my body well by exercising. Mentally, I always feel healthy but there are obviously a lot of natural moments where I for example cry and crying for 5 minutes is often a good mental tool for me: Like opening a vent. If I stress about something, I try to turn it inward and talk myself out of it. Remind myself that I cannot run faster or accomplish something quicker from stress. It is peculiar that I have to remind myself of such, but it is definitely a strength to be able to soothe myself in situations.

How do you make sure to check in with yourself?

I do not always know if I do, but I always try, and I think that that is a good vantage point if I may say so myself - and I may. I have learned, and I am still learning, to create personal boundaries. To pause and ask myself what I need and what I don’t need. It is a process but it gives me power. This is going to sound corny, but daily I try to appreciate the little things. Happiness is moments and nothing is too small to be appreciated. Happiness is one of the most important things in life. 

What are your favourite Karmameju products? 

MUSE cleansing balm is amazing and gentle. I often use it before a morning dip and wash it off with the seawater - the best feeling. AMAZE hair hydrator smells so good and my, always-dry hair sucks it in. The RECHARGE dry brush is a beauty tool that awakens me and my body, and the feeling of becoming aware of all the little blood vessels in my body - a little rush.