Your cleansing routine is important in terms of how your skin looks and feels. Therefore, it is important to choose a cleansing product that matches your skin’s needs.

You can interchange between several cleansing products to for example your morning and evening routine, or you can choose to use one cleansing product, which matches your skin’s needs every day of the week - morning and night. By considering the way you cleanse your skin and what types of cleansing products you use, you do the utmost work to maintain a well-balanced, supple and resilient skin.   


Choose MUSE cleansing balm if…

… you have dry skin, dehydrated skin, oily skin, well balanced skin without challenges, young or mature skin.

 MUSE cleansing balm is a moisturising and stimulating oil cleanser. The oil-based facial cleanse dissolves dirt, makeup and grease effectively yet gently from the skin’s pores without drying out the skin’s surface. MUSE cleanses the skin with respect to its natural moisture and balance and can easily be used as a glow-giving and an in-depth cleansing product year-round. Cleanse deeper with MUSE by combining it with our gently exfoliating Konjac sponge or a muslin wash cloth that helps prevent clogged pores. 

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Choose STAR micellar water if…

… you want an easy, gentle cleansing product that effectively and quickly cleanses, tones and hydrates at the same time – without the use of water. STAR can be used by everyone, no matter age, skin type and condition – even sensitive skin.

With micellar water, there is no excuse for not cleansing the skin – even on busy mornings or in the late-night hours. Use it as a makeup remover, eye makeup remover, or as a daily quick fix cleansing product. 


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Choose DAZE cleansing lotion if…

… you have sensitive skin, skin with redness, irritated skin or hormonal outbreaks, dry skin, balanced skin without challenges, younger or older skin. 


DAZE cleansing lotion is a classic, creamy cleansing milk which cleanses without drying out the skin’s surface. DAZE leaves your skin soft and supple after cleansing and helps to calm redness and irritation in the skin. Cleanse thoroughly with DAZE by combining it with our gentle exfoliating Konjac sponge or the HOME SPA muslin cloth which helps prevent clogged pores.  

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Choose NOW micellar foam 03 if…

… you have combination/oily skin, oily T-zone, oily acne/inflamed skin, well-balanced skin without challenges, young or mature skin. 

NOW is a stimulating, astringent and soap-free face wash that helps to balance out excess sebum and cleanse and contract pores. Our micellar foam is formulated with micelles instead of soap. The mild surfactants help to pull dirt and oil from the skin’s surface, yet still maintain the skin’s necessary, protective oils. NOW is best for oily skin but can also be used to combination and balanced skin without problems in periods where you for example sweat more and use sunscreen daily. Cleanse deeper with NOW by combining it with our gentle, exfoliating Konjac sponge that helps prevent clogged pores. 

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 Why should I cleanse the skin daily?

The natural cell renewal and shedding of the skin automatically makes a balanced skin do its own cleaning job. But facial cleaning is necessary for our skin’s well-being, vitality and regeneration in everyday life when we use makeup, sunscreen and are exposed to pollution and bacteria. We recommend cleansing the skin to remove product remnants, dead skin cells, unwelcomed bacteria, pollution and dirt which can clog the pores and potentially harm our cell DNA.

Read more about how and when we recommend cleansing the skin in the article “Cleanse with respect” and read our article “Your skin care routine – step by step”  if you need inspiration on how and when to use your Karmameju products. 

Inhale the fragrance

Aromatherapy is an essential part of Karmameju’s DNA. We work with aromatherapy because the noble and exclusive aromas have a unique and holistic effect, which both can be experienced in our mental well-being and improves the skin’s condition. Try and remember to smell your aromatherapeutic products when applying them. It is a gentle, daily stimulation for the senses which is so rewarding afterwards. 



A new routine always needs time to adapt and to show results. A big change won’t happen overnight. Balanced skin needs approximately 4-6 weeks to renew and the same you need to give your skin to adapt to your new skincare routine.


All the best,

Christina Düsterdich, skincare expert and product developer at Karmameju