There are many variations of individual skincare routines.

To help you get started with your facial products from Karmameju, I would love to share this simple skin care routine that can be used in the morning and evening with a few adjustments.


A good skincare routine supports the natural regeneration process and helps the skin get in balance. This is done by keeping the skin naturally active. You can also contribute to the health of your skin with the many advantages of Karmameju’s products. 

Nobody’s skin is the same every single day throughout the year. Skin is affected by the seasons and cycles of nature, the inner hormone cycle, genetics, dietary habits, food intolerances, stress levels, illness, medicine, pollution, UV radiation and so much more. The skin is our largest organ. Many of the reasons behind the changing needs of the skin are found inside the body. They are usually visible on our face as a hint from the body that something is out of balance. This means that your skincare routine should not be set in stone. Pay attention to your skin and keep an eye on it from day to day. Some days it needs more moisture from creams, serums or other special products. Other days the skin indicates that it needs enriching oils and exfoliants to get back into balance.

A quick list of the order of your skincare routine could look like this;

Please note that it is not necessary to have every single product listed below in order to have a good skincare routine. The list consists of all of Karmameju’s facial products in the order they are intended to be used. Some of the products can be left out. The products that we recommend as an essential element in your daily skincare regime are listed in bold.

Face brush: RENEW face brush
- Cleansing product + Konjac sponge or HOME SPA wash cloth
- Face masks / Exfoliating masks
Face mist and/or STAR micellar water
HERO pH solution
Face serum
PRE & AFTER SUN serum lotion
Eye cream
Face cream
- Face oil
Sun / Face Cream

    Remember that it takes some time for a new routine to show results. A big change does not happen overnight. The skin takes four to six weeks to renew itself, and you need to give the new practices in your skincare routine the same amount of time. If you are dedicated to changing your routines inside and out, but you do not feel like your skin has improved after at least two months, you are very welcome to write to me.

    Smell your products

    Aromatherapy is an essential part of Karmameju’s DNA. We work with aromatherapy because the pure, exclusive fragrances have a unique holistic effect that affects our mental well-being and improves the skin. Remember to smell your aromatherapeutic products when you apply them. It is a gentle way to stimulate your senses in your everyday life and is a good investment in your well-being.

    Dry brushing

    Brush your dry, make-up free skin before a bath or shower, or before you cleanse your skin. Dry brush the skin on your face on a daily basis, or every other day, depending on the sensitivity of your skin.

    With a RENEW facial dry brush in your hand you can give yourself a natural facelift in your daily skincare routine. 

    Read more about RENEW and its qualities HERE.

    Cleansing the skin

    Make-up, impurities, pollution and undesired bacteria need to be effectively yet gently removed from the surface of the skin on a daily basis. We recommend cleansing the skin carefully every night, preferably with a Konjac sponge. If you have a lot of make-up or sun protection on your skin, it might be a good idea to wash your face twice.

    Oily skin might benefit from a deeper rinse in the morning as well, but for most other skin types, a morning routine with water and Konjac sponge or HOME SPA wash cloth combined with STAR Micellar water is fine.

    A thorough massage in combination with cleansing before bedtime gives your skin the chance to regenerate optimally. Applying both the cleansing and nourishing products help to actively improve skin conditions at nighttime. Washing your face carefully is a step that cannot be skipped. It is essential for the healthy vitality and glow of your skin.

    Find the right cleansing product for your skin type HERE


    Exfoliation and masks

    As a supplement to your everyday routine, we suggest exfoliating* and giving yourself a deeply effective mask twice a week with one or more of our three face masks. You may benefit from a few masks a week or just use the mask that best supports the needs of your skin at this time.

    Masks, peeling and exfoliation are applied on skin that has just been washed. Depending on your skin type, you can leave the mask on for 5-20 minutes and then remove it with a warm washcloth. Make the facemask a part of your routine whenever you have time, but if you apply it in the evening, the benefits have time to sink in overnight and help your skin regenerate. 

    At Karmameju we recommend that you double or triple mask with our three masks in order to give yourself the ultimate home spa facial. Read about how to do double and triple face masks in the article “This is how you multi mask” HERE.

    *Exfoliation removes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and is important for preventing and eliminating dry skin, preventing blocked pores, and achieving a healthy glow. Exfoliation can help the skin to absorb subsequent treatments. In addition to our two exfoliating masks, you can also choose our dry brush for the face and our Konjac sponge or HOME SPA wash cloth for the same purpose. See how they can be used optimally further up in the article.

    Face mist

    This face mist helps to add fullness and moisture to the skin. When you use face mist in your skincare routine, it should be used after cleansing or HERO, and before you apply a serum or face cream. The hyaluronic acid in the spray produces in depth moisture and prepares the skin to take in the next skincare products in the regime. 

    The face mist can be used at sunrise, sunset or any time in between. Use it throughout the day to soften the skin or freshen up make-up. Skin gets dry from closed office environments without good ventilation and needs moisture. You can also use aromatherapeutic effect to bring out a sense of calm, or a lift of energy or positivity throughout the day on top of your normal skincare regime.  

    Close your eyes and mouth before you mist. Let your skin soak up the moisturising and stimulating ingredients. Let your skin absorb the mist before you move on to the next skin care product in your daily regime.


    HERO – pH-balance

    HERO is a pH regulating skin care product that is applied immediately after contact with water in the morning and evening. That is, as the first thing after your cleansing ritual and before your face mist or toner. 

    HERO is step zero” is our house slogan. HERO is a cutting-edge product that is applied before the first step in your skincare routine. As a kind of pre skincare, it supports your skin’s immune system and provides the products you apply next with the most optimal conditions.

    If your skin is dry or dermatologically challenged, we recommend HERO. Read more about HEROs qualities and the many testimonials from consumers who have shared their experiences of improved skin conditions HERE.

    Face sera

    A face serum is a skincare product you apply to your skin day and night on freshly cleansed skin, but before moisturising. Our sera, FIRM 01, SHIELD 02 & CLEAR 03, are fast absorbing and formulated with smaller molecules that can penetrate deeply into the skin to deliver the active ingredients directly. This makes the serum an ideal product for improving specific skin conditions.

    PRE- & AFTERSUN serum-lotion

    PRE- & AFTERSUN serum-lotion was developed to moisturise and strengthen the skin on your face and body before and after the time you spend in the sunlight. In your facial care regime, the serum is applied under your face cream or sun cream or whichever product you use at bedtime. 

    PRE & AFTER SUN SERUM is a potent moisturizing and calming skincare product. It can be used as a serum and not necessarily in connection with spending time in the sunshine.

    At Karmameju, we refer to it as a refreshment your skin can just drink in. Everyone on our team depends on it in our individual skincare regimes.

    Eye cream

    For best results apply COUTURE eye cream first thing in the morning and as the last thing at night before your face cream. COUTURE can be used on the upper lip, on the lines that run from nose to mouth, between the eyebrows or on any other parts of the face that could use some toning. 

    Read more about the effectiveness of COUTURE and how to apply it HERE

    Face cream

    Your face cream fills your skin with moisture, nutrients and active ingredients specially formulated for your skin type. Face cream is the most essential product in your daily skincare regime. It supports your skin by protecting it from external factors such as dryness, bacteria and free radicals from pollution. Additional benefits of face creams include making the skin more supple as well as wrinkle reduction and prevention. 

    Smooth the face cream into the skin on your face, neck and chest in the morning and evening after applying HERO or a similar serum. 

    Karmameju’s three face creams serve as your day cream and your night cream too. One cream is enough. Use it to protect your skin when you are out and about, and to support your skin so it can regenerate while get your beauty sleep. 

    Are you unsure of which face cream is best for your skin? We have written an article on that very subject. Read it HERE

    Face oils

    We suggest wrapping up your skincare regime with a face oil in the morning and evening. It should be applied on top of the serum and/or face cream. If you do not want another step in your skincare regime, or if it feels like there are too many layers for your skin, then a drop or two of oil in the face cream can also make a difference. The face oil has elasticizing, softening, moisturising and protective effects that help make the skin more resistant to drying elements in your surroundings. The precious oils protect the natural external barrier of the skin, prevent dehydration and protect your outermost blood vessels. 

    A face oil cannot replace your face cream. To use a fashion analogy, imagine the serum as your moisturizing camisole. Your face cream is the beautiful dress that fits your skin like a glove. Think of the face oil as a soft sweater that feels so nice when you put on top.

    In the summer months when you use sun cream, or at times when the air is very humid, a face oil can seem excessive to some people. If it feels like that sometimes, just let your oil stay on the shelf for a few days. Instead, use it to make your skin supple as you massage it into your face a couple times a week as part of your nighttime regime.

    Sun protection

    Always apply mineral sun protection as the final step in your skin care routine. Karmameju’s face sun cream and BB cream can be applied on top of your usual facial products for everyday use. Alternatively, it can be used instead of your face cream. Ideally, apply it in combination with PRE & AFTER SUN SERUM.

    Sun cream with physical filters offer sun protection immediately after application.

    Read more about how we recommend that you use sun protection face cream on the individual products below.


    Skincare from within

    It is commonly known that good skin begins in your gut.

    Many skin issues stem from our digestive system or imbalances in our organs. They may be the result of difficulties with digestion, food intolerances, a lack of vitamins or stress in the body. You may already be aware of this, but it is important to understand that if you want radiant skin, remember that having a healthy body is an important precondition for having healthy skin.

    Let me suggest that your read more about:

    • Lactic acid bacteria

    • Essential fatty acids
    • Liver supporting diet/foods
    • Alkaline diet

      Find some easy recipes for the internal skincare and skin improving smoothies HERE.

      A smoothie a day is another form of skincare.

      All the best 


      Chistina is a certified cosmetologist/esthetician with fourteen years of experience in the field of skincare. She has worked as a professional therapist and for the past six years she has responsible for communication about holistic skincare and product development at Karmameju Skincare.