No Beauty Without Truth

NO BEAUTY WITHOUT TRUTH is Karmameju’s tagline. It sums up what we stand for. Our product development, personal consumer guidance, good cooperation with customers and suppliers and our communication.

We believe that honesty is the only way, especially when developing skincare.

NO BEAUTY WITHOUT TRUTH based on the trust you show us when you buy Karmameju Skincare. Our skincare products always have a high content of active ingredients to create visible results on your skin. We never use ingredients where resarch has cast doubt over their safety to our health. We have a responsibility towards anyone who uses Karmameju Skincare – a responsibility we take very seriously.

NO BEAUTY WITHOUT TRUTH also reflects our approach to beauty. For us, skincare is about lifestyle and should therefore be viewed from a 360 degree angle.

This means natural and active skincare products, the right amount of precious sleep, nourishing the skin through what we eat and drink, exercise, good cleansing rituals, mindful breathing and keeping the body hydrated.

In other words, we do not pretend that skincare is the only thing that improves your skin. Lifestyle is the most important skincare, and we love to inspire – and to be inspired – to make good choices that benefit the skin, the heart and the brain.

NO BEAUTY WITHOUT TRUTH is linked to the concept of karma: What goes around comes around. The way we take care of our skin will reflect in our appearances. The way we treat our body will eventually give positive/negative results.

At Karmameju, we cannot justify producing skincare that can have adverse effects on the body, even if it creates good results on the skin. Especially when those same results can be achieved without the use of harmful ingredients. We therefore believe that there is NO BEAUTY WITHOUT TRUTH.

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STAY HYDRATED – DRINK WATER / For your skin to look its best, your body must be hydrated. A hydrated body affects your mood positively, increase energy levels, and reduce the desire for salt and sugar – giving you a healthier body in balance and glowing skin. Fruit and vegetables with a high water content such as cucumber, watermelon, celery and grapefruit are also excellent hydrators.

SLEEP / One of the most important factors for healthy skin. 7–9 hours are essential for your body’s healing process, your mental health and skin regeneration.

SKINFOOD / Foods such as avocado, blueberries, broccoli, spinach, lemon, cabbage, carrots, beetroot, beans, ginger, chilli, turmeric, nuts, vegetable oils, fish oil, seeds, herbal tea, aloe vera, coconut water, rosehip and herbs are the best things you can eat for your health. A smoothie a day filled with ingredients like these will do wonders for your skin.

BREATHING / Our blood does not receive sufficient amounts of oxygen if we only use the upper parts of our lungs. Deep, calm breathing stimulates the body, skin and nervous system in a positive way. Five deep breaths are said to have a positive effect on the nervous system for up to four hours. Breathe deeply whenever you remember to.

EXERCISE / For the body, mind and skin’s health and glow. Energy creates energy, and it is good for people on so many levels.

MEDITATION / Exercising your ability to create inner peace is perhaps one of the most important focus areas for people in the 21st century. Use aromatherapy with meditation/relaxation for stimulating, calming and de-stressing stimulation.

CLEANSING ROUTINE / Cleanse your skin morning and evening every day. A thorough cleanse before bed helps the skin to regenerate. Both cleansing and the nourishing Karmameju products applied afterwards optimise the skin’s regenerative work in the healing night hours.

DIGITAL DETOX / Switch everything off, and give your brain and eyes a break.

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